Executive Functioning Support

A Workshop for Middle School Students

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New Year, New Start:

Student and Parent

Executive Functioning Workshop

What is Executive Functioning?

Executive Functioning (EF) has become a popular term mentioned among educators. EF refers to the process in which we initiate a task, organize and plan how to accomplish the task, and lastly persevere and stay focused despite distractions until we complete the task.

What is Expected and What Kids Need..

Everyone expects children to manage their time, organize their materials and study effectively. However, many schools do not explicitly teach these skills. Therefore some of the common challenges that students and their parents experience at home include:

-Staying up all night to complete homework
-Battling with child to complete homework or study
-Students can’t find their materials
-Poor test grades despite “studying”
-Morning routines are horrific

What to expect from the Student and Parent EF Workshop:

Although students will attend the attend the 3-hour workshop to learn specific strategies and tools to improve their time management, organization and study skills, parents will attend the last hour of the workshop as well.

Research shows that many parents want to support their child’s EF skills at home, but many are not sure how. This student and parent workshop is the perfect way for students to be explicitly taught important strategies, but also a way for parents to learn how to effectively collaborate, model and monitor!


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Middle School Workshop:

(Parent attends last hour)

Saturday 9/14, 9:30am-12:30pm

Workshop Fee:


*Classes Limited to 6 and Parent must attend last hour.*