Spring and Summer Social Skills

“Social Thinking and Strategies for Social Success”

What are Social Skills Superstars Classes? 


Through the support of Dr. Chrisna Perry and Associates at Comprehensive Learning Services LLC, students enter on an eight-week journey towards social and emotional growth. Through the context of children's literature, direct instruction, role playing, and play, children will have the opportunity to improve their social thinking skills, emotional awareness, and peer interaction skills in a nurturing and creative environment.

Social Skills Sessions are ideal for children who experience the following:

  • Weak language production/ verbal pragmatics

  • Weak self-monitoring skills

  • Weak attention control and impulsivity

  • Anxious about how to make friends and keep them

  • Shy and socially withdrawn

Ensure success at home and at school:

Each session is specifically designed to allow for individualized student learning and social strategy practice and support that can be transferred to the classroom and beyond; ultimately improving your child's social, emotional and academic successes. 

Upcoming Sessions

Classes meet once a week

Spring Social Skills Sessions

8 Week Session




  • Monday: 3rd-4th Grade

  • Tuesday: Middle School

  • Wednesday: 1st-2nd Grade

  • Thursday: Kindergarten

Summer Social Skills Sessions

8 Week Session




  • Monday: Rising 3rd-4th Grade

  • Tuesday: Rising Middle School

  • Wednesday: Rising 1st-2nd Grade

  • Thursday: Rising Kindergarten