ADHD Parent Coaching

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Parenting is a tough job at times. Therefore, when parenting a child with ADHD, one can imagine how much more challenging that role can be! Some parents of children with ADHD, feel alone in parenting and are interested in learning strategies to deal with some of the difficult behaviors that your child with ADHD exhibits. 

Parent and Educator Workshops

Dr. Perry conducts parent and faculty workshops to address various learning and behavioral issues of students K-8. Some past workshop topics include:

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  • Teaching Organization and Study Skills to Children with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities and Aspergers

  • Executive Functioning Strategies

  • Learning Strategies Workshop for Middle School Parents

  • Implementing Brain Based Learning Strategies in the Classroom

  • Understanding Gender Differences

  • Setting Limits and Promoting Positive Behavior

Private ADHD Parent Coaching

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Our monthly ADHD Parent Support Meetings have become a welcomed resource in the Hyde Park community. As a group, we have been able to share concerns and discuss strategies on general topics that are relevant to parenting children with ADHD.

However, given the individual needs of children with ADHD, some parents may need individual coaching to address their specific challenges.

If you are in need of individual support, we are now pleased to offer individual ADHD Parent Coaching.

Sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi-monthly, monthly, or on an as-needed basis, and are facilitated by our very own Dr. Chrisna, Educational Psychologist and Learning Disability Specialist.